The RIGHT type of lettuce can greatly enhance the appearance and taste of any meal.   To help you figure
out which type of lettuce you should use with your dinner tonight, I have created a short list
of some of the most common types of lettuce, their purpose and their strengths.

Boston and Bibb

What you didn't know about Boston and Bibb lettuce TheGatheringofFriends.com

Boston and Bibb lettuces are in the butterhead family. As you can imagine the term “butterhead”
conjures up exactly what these lettuces are, soft and tender.

Because Boston and Bibb lettuce have cup-shaped leaves, they are perfect to serve chicken,
shrimp, or tuna salad in a single leaf. In the lettuce family, they are the most
elegant of all the lettuces.

They are a great source of vitamin A, potassium and folate.


Iceberg lettuce is a hearty old soul used in many different salads, as well as sandwiches. It doesn’t have
much flavor or nutritional value, but it does have a wonderful crunch. It is a great lettuce to
showcase other flavors you put on it, such as the classic wedge with blue cheese dressing and
bacon. It also has long staying power in the refrigerator and lasts for days, even weeks.

Red Leaf and Green Leaf

The best way to use red and green leaf lettuce TheGatheringofFriends.com
Red Leaf and Green Leaf are loose-leaf lettuces. These lettuces have large open heads with ruffled edges on top, which make for beautiful salads. The red helps create a colorful salad and has a higher content of
Vitamin A and other antioxidants than the green. They are both good sources of folate.


When you should use Escarole Lettuce TheGatheringofFriends.com
Escarole is a tougher, sometimes bitter lettuce that is actually used better in soups or stews
than a salad. It is a great source of vitamin A and C.


Bet you didn’t know that the Romans created the first salad? The lettuce they used was romaine.
Originally romaine was known as Cos, named after the island where it was discovered. The
Europeans started calling it Roman after the people who created the salad.
Eventually, it became known as romaine.

This is a crisp, slightly bitter lettuce that has a nice crunch to it. Typically, it is used in
Caesar salads. It is also the most perishable of all lettuces.

Romaine has the highest content of vitamin C.

If you have information that you would like to add to this list, please share!


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