Are my eggs FRESH?


How many times have you started to bake something and you find that the expiration
date on the egg carton has expired? This does not happen often at our house because
we go through a lot of eggs each week.  And I can honestly say with all my baking experience, I have never cracked open a rotten egg so how do I know what
that rotten egg smells like?

Not quite sure…but when I smell it, I’ll know it!

So just in case your eggs are expired…and you are desperate to make a cake or some cookies…here is a sure fire way to find out whether or not your eggs are fresh,
even if they have expired.

Fill a bowl with water. Place the egg in the bowl. If the egg sinks, it is as fresh as it
can be. If it starts to stand up, it is still good. If it floats to the top, it is ready
to fly the coop! Throw it away!

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