The Secret to Tender Chicken


We eat a lot of chicken in our family. My children, and now my grandchildren (we have 14)
seem to have the same appetites that my children had when they were young…
They also seem to be hungry all the time. I love it!

I enjoy watching my married daughters and my daughter-in-law, make some of those
same simple recipes. Each of them may have their own little twist to my
old standbys… but it is fun to think they bring something from me
to feed all those little angels.

But, back to the secret to simple moist chicken. I begin by cooking the chicken, I
always try to use frozen chicken tenders. I start by spraying a pot (I use a heavy
stock pot) with cooking spray. Then I place the frozen chicken tenders in the
pot and season it with salt and pepper. Make sure to cover the pot tightly
with a lid, in 12 to 15 minutes, it will be cooked perfectly.

I then put on rubber gloves and tear the hot chicken apart, it is tender and perfect for a number
of wonderful meals.  I always try to cook extra chicken, tear or cut it up and put it in the
freezer for a number of simple 20 minute meals that I can quickly turn to on those
really busy days. I will make a bowl of fresh chicken salad for my girls lunches,
but also use some the next day for Chicken a la King.  Tomorrow I will share
my family’s favorite Chicken a la King recipe!

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can’t go wrong in any of the volumes, when trying to find a delicious chicken
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