“Lettuce” INSPIRE YOU…


This stunning centerpiece is from Volume One.  I originally designed it for a special
gathering for a group of girl friends , but I thought it would be a fun centerpiece for
a Mother’s Day Celebration. I love using LETTUCE as the foliage in a centerpiece.
I have created many just like this, only smaller versions, in different kinds of
vases or containers. Starting with fresh heads of lettuce as the base, combining
almost any combination of fresh flowers look absolutely fabulous. Smaller
flowers, as an accent, look wonderful peeking out from a bundle of fresh
greens. I used butter leaf lettuce for another tablescape with pink peonies
in volume five. The centerpieces were much smaller, but still just as much fun!

To recreate this centerpiece, place 3 small butter leaf heads of lettuce in a pedestal
serving dish which will hold two to three inches of water. I always place a handful
of ice cubes in the water to keep it chilled at first.

Carefully separate lettuce and arrange leaves to overhang the edges. Measure the
length the stems need to be and cut each stem. Place cut roses into the lettuce
leaves and gently tuck clusters of white Ranucula’s to accent the roses. Be sure
and fill the dish with water to keep the flowers from wilting. If I make this
ahead of time I keep it fresh in the fridge until about an hour
before my gathering begins.

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