A PARTY without CAKE…


CAKE is one of my cute husbands most favorite things on this planet. For years our girls have always wanted to make his favorite triple chocolate cake because he appreciates it so much and it NEVER seems to get old to him. I love all different kinds of cake…..and I love to experiment and create new and different combinations of nuts, white and dark chocolate, coconut and spice, topped with a variety of delicious frosting’s. Beginning with the basics of fresh butter, eggs, cream and pure vanilla… just about anything you add after that creamy base can make for a wonderful cake.

I crave a dense cake texture, like a pound cake or even the texture of a moist zucchini bread or banana
bread. It is that consistency that is really so comforting for me. I think because my mother always made
amazing banana bread when I was growing up. Comfort food for sure.  I love to make these dense bread
batters and bake them in medium sized bundt pans. They are so pretty to serve and they feel more festive
than a bread loaf pan. Just about any of the dense pound cakes, poppy seed, pumpkin spice or any sweet
bread recipes always bake wonderfully in a medium size bundt pan. And they are fun to share as a gift.

I have over 90 different CAKES and SWEET BREAD RECIPES included in all seven volumes of The
Gathering of Friends cookbooks. We are just introducing them in an eBook format. This makes it
so easy to send them as a gift using our new and exciting app, which attaches the cover of the
book on the back of our originally designed animated eCards with your personal note
and sends it to your friends and family at a click of a button.

Check them out today for your smart phone, iPad, Kindle or handheld device and remember Julia Child said…


These recipes can be found in volume seven Entertaining with Simplicity


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