A Special Tribute…How it all began!


How it all began…About five years ago, and after the initial struggle to create the
first volume of The Gathering of Friends, then the discouragement of being
turned down by over 30 different publishers, and trying to figure out how
to self publish, then searching the world over for the right printer, and
agonizing over this very expensive hobby, (turned into a very expensive
investment) I then had a serious issue, which was how to sell the
10,000 books that were sitting in my husbands warehouse?…

Have you ever seen what 10,000 books looks like? I was scared to death! It
seemed like an insurmountable problem, especially after jumping through
so many hurdles….now we finally had a book in hand to sell.

I quickly learned that cookbooks were a very competitive space and completely
driven by celebrity chefs and TV shows. I didn’t really understand any of those
things, but learned just how difficult it was going to be to sell these
books. Especially since I was just a nobody who had never written a book.

I knew our book would make the perfect gift. As an interior designer I was always
looking for a nice accessory for the kitchen for my clients. So I decided to focus my
marketing efforts on the gift industry. NO big box, I didn’t want to get lost in a sea
of books in a bookstore… So GIFTS is was!

 I had often purchased many accessory items and had ordered beautiful custom made
florals created by Dowdle & Daughters for my clients. I approached Katty showed
her our book and she loved it. She had a well established business selling  many
of their own creations, but also representing some other local talent and had
built a lovely little business with very loyal customers.

I remember very well the first day that I dropped off 10 boxes, with 10 books in each
box to Katty. She was so sweet about it….it was completely consignment and she
later told me that she thought “Oh my…what have I done?” “How in the world
am I going to sell 100 books?” But interesting enough, she sold every
box that very first day to her customers that came from all over
Utah and southern Idaho and even Wyoming. She called me two or
three times a week to drop off more books every week. She truly gave
me my start and I thank them with all of my heart. It gave me the
courage to start to reach out to other markets
and so we were off and running!

Now there are seven books in The Gathering of Friends cookbook series
and we are excited to have Dowdle & Daughters/ Salt Sky Utah.com
help us launch our new and exciting eCard eBook GIFT idea. We have
created hundreds of custom eCards for any occasion where a customer
can select an eCard, personalize a message, choose which volume
of The Gathering of Friends they want to send, and the image of that
book will load on the back of the eCard, and in a few clicks of a
button, the eCard eBook GIFT is on it’s way.


You can also send hundreds of the same eCard to as many customers, clients, or friends at the same time by uploading a  spread sheet. You can select the date you want a birthday card to be sent and our program will send that eCard and message with your cookbook gift on the very special day. This will make gift giving just that much easier, but personalized with your message. We have some very special wholesale pricing for businesses, professionals, Realtors, or anyone who wants to
reach out with a personal, thoughtful gift.

So we want to pay a special tribute to Salt Sky Utah also known as the Dowdle Girls.
They have started such a fun, new, and exciting venture!

A great and informative place to browse Local Reviews, Inspiration, Health & Beauty, DIY, Travel & Food, Events & Holidays and Just for Men. These girls have been so successful and have had so much fun while growing their business! We are so impressed with the qualities they possess and feel so honored they would feature us on their blog! Please check out their blog below each day for the next six days, as they are doing giveaways with our product and cookbooks!

See below for information on how to enter or click the picture below to be directed to their blog. We are so excited to be a part of this wonderful giveaway!


* The Gathering of Friends is doing a weeks worth of giveaways for 25 people! 5 winners will win a free e-book cookbook for you and a friend!

TO ENTER: Like Salt Sky and The Gathering of Friends , like and share this post and comment that you shared!
We have a new random drawing app so enter as many times as you’d like to increase your chances of winning! 5 winners announced Tuesday May 5th


  1. Katty Dowdle says

    Michelle, It’s just a blessing to know you, you are one talented woman and you inspire me. Thank you for all the nice things you said! Keep up the beautiful & successful Gathering of Friends business!

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