Details make the Difference


Ok, so I know you are looking at this image and thinking….wow! This is really an amazing backyard!
But, this beautiful backdrop is found in the fabulous gardens at THANKSGIVING POINT in Lehi, Utah.
This is just one of the spectacular gardens featured in volume four of The Gathering of Friends,
Celebrating Mother Nature“.

This waterfall is the largest man-made waterfall in the Western Hemisphere. What looks like real rock
is actually a reinforced concrete frame with a mixture of concrete and fiberglass molded to look like
rock. Precast panels of this molded rock were attached to the concrete structure and then grouted,
aged, and stained to make them look natural. The structure is 85 feet tall at the highest point
and 300 feet across. There are 9 different falls within the structure, with a path that runs
along the top, so the falls can be viewed from on top and behind as well.

This table looks small, compared to its twelve foot length when placed in this open setting. We chose
to use large, over sized candlesticks that held nine candles each, to cast a glow above the table when
guests were seated. Choosing the right scale of candles is always a good place to start when attempting to
create a special atmosphere outside. But, as you build your tablescape, just step back and look for balance.
The lighting is so important and can be the main accent on the table. The small candles added much needed
light as the evening grew darker. There is always room on a table to scatter small, low-lit candles
that give the perfect glow for any evening meal.

Remember… Details make the Difference!

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