Easter Brunch…Stack ‘em Deep


Sweet and Savory Crepes is such a great menu choice for any family gathering, and especially for any large crowd. The crepes can be made days ahead of time, wrapped
tightly, and kept refrigerated. I like to stack them on the actual serving piece so all
I have to do is place them on the table. Most people think they have to place wax
paper between each crepe to keep them from sticking together, but not true,
they can stack on top of each other, and just peel away easily as each guest
makes their own crepes.

For a heartier crepe, I make them on a very large flat crepe skillet. Because you pour the crepe batter on the flat skilletĀ  or cast iron pan you need to use a wooden spreader
to even out the batter. These can be made as thick as you would like. I like the
consistency of this folded crepe, we sometimes eat these as a very thin pancake,
or with just a little cinnamon and sugar or powdered sugar. Delish! I love to
fold these, arrange them on the serving dish and cover them to place
in the fridge until serving time. Everyone loves crepes, sweet or savory
with a variety of fillings and toppings. Crepes get any party started!



For this Easter Brunch menu plan we have three savory filling choices and a few
different sweet fillings and topping suggestions. We have gathered with over 100
guests and easily shared these sweet & savory crepes in a buffet style tablescape.
Everyone loved choosing the fillings that they love most. Because crepes are
so light, they are the perfect menu for any late night party as well.

Stay tuned in the next 10 days as we share all the perfect trimmings
for this special mid-day brunch.

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