Easter Menu Plan


Happy Spring!  We love this time of the year. It is exciting to think about everything that is beginning to grow, that will soon be in full bloom. I love the flowers that are
beginning to pop up, daffodils, tulips, and pansies. I love the fresh colors of
spring. And with this burst of colors out of doors, Easter is right around
the corner. It is so early this year, so it’s time to start planning.

Children make every holiday so much more fun!

There are so many fun traditions with Easter egg hunts and baskets to be filled.
My grandchildren are excitedly awaiting this special day. We will be gathering
to share this menu of sweet and savory crepes from volume six. We are going
to share some simple ideas everyday for the next two weeks as you busily
prepare for your traditional gathering.

If you do not yet have many traditions…start this year with this simple menu. Most of the prep can be done the day before: cut up the fruit, bake the cookies and oatmeal cake, cook all the crepes and stack them or fold them and place them on the serving dishes and refrigerate them. Set the table, Hope these ideas can
help make your holiday special.


Simplicity is part of the charm of this soft pastel tablescape.


Details make all the difference.  Smaller candles are arranged in glass pedestal
containers surrounded by small pastel chocolate robin eggs.  Votive candles
placed in colorful egg cups line this tablescape.

I would love to see pictures of your Easter Tablescape.  Post them on the blog
or email them to info@thegatheringoffriends.com!

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