It’s time to GIVE THANKS!

thanks giving 2015

It’s November…WOW! Where did this year go? But, we are coming into my
favorite time of the year… the season to GIVE THANKS…
There are so many things that I love about the fall; leaves changing, long
Indian Summer days, crisp, cool temperatures, football games, and comfort
food. But, what I love the most, is the beginning of change…

I love the change in the weather; rainy days, leaves falling, and temperatures
dropping. I love wearing heavy sweaters, warm leggings, heavy socks and rain
boots. I love the onset of the GIFTING SEASON…where our hearts are
changed, and we are reminded of our lives that are truly blessed.

In the next few weeks, I have so many great recipes to share that will make your Thanksgiving Feast different than the ordinary TRADITIONAL meal. Stay tuned
as we change things up, simplify, and ultimately change the way you feel about
pumpkin pie! You are going to love these simple recipes and others that you can
prepare ahead, to help make your Thanksgiving Day effortless & full of joy!



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