Mothers Day is just around the corner…


┬áDreaming of Spring…

Mother’s Day is one of my favorite times of the year. It is spring, the sun is
shining and everything feels new and fresh. Now that some of my daughters are
mothers, I love the chance to celebrate them by creating a beautiful tablescape
and a menu filled with their favorite things.

I love to set the table! It is sometimes the first thing I do before I start to prepare
the menu. It gives me a sense of organization, like I am ahead of the game, just
a bit. For years I longed for beautiful dishes. I collected Spode in my travels and have
just about all the miscellaneous pieces that you could imagine.

As a designer, as styles change, and color pallets shift, I have found that all
food looks the best and most appetizing, on a white plate or serving dish. Simple,
clean and easy to create just about any color tablescape when using white dishes.

So, I have stored away my blue and white dishes, and I have a abundance of white
dishes, bowls, platters, serving trays, and all kinds of white complimentary
pieces. I love to mix clear glass and pewter, or silver with the white dishes
and serving pieces. And, in my humble opinion, white compliments
every combination of colors for any menu or celebration.

The Gathering of Friends cookbook features chapters organized as gatherings. Each chapter begins with a tablescape, followed with every recipe being beautifully photographed. Give Mom a gift that she can really use, and one that over 700,000
readers have loved. Give her one of
The Gathering of Friends volume’s one thru seven!

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