Salads at every meal!


I love the egg on the top of this cobb salad. Especially for a fun
Easter Gathering Brunch!
So a hearty salad at any brunch or gathering always gives you and any
of your guests a leaner choice in case someone is trying to count calories. I love
crepes, but I would probably rather eat some of this cobb salad and the fruity
crepes with an oatmeal cookie as my choice. I would eat the hearty salad over
the fruit salad as well, anytime. But, I would love the fruit salad wrapped in a
crepe with some whip cream! Ahh…I could eat that all day long!


So, this particular brunch has three choices of savory crepes, and they are all very simple. The crepes and filling can be made the day before and just warmed in the
oven. For kids, they love to fill their own crepes. The chicken filling or ham and
cheese is usually what the kids love the most. The fruit salad and strawberry
crepes are always the kids favorites!  My grandchildren never get tired of
any fruit, anywhere, anytime! It is amazing what they can inhale, and I
love that it is a favorite, but more importantly really good for them. Even
though the fruit is sweet…they are filled with natural sugars, which
gives it the Green Light for moms everywhere.


These recipes can be found in  The of Gathering of Friend volume six hardcover
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