Simple Flavors


One of my favorite things about crepes is….just about anything can be rolled into the middle or piled on top, and it will taste fabulous! I love asparagus and bacon so this
simple concoction was wonderful. The light, but flavorful Gruyere Cheese Sauce
from volume six pairs well with the fresh asparagus and crisp bacon.  You can
make the crepes ahead of time, cook the bacon, make the sauce and just
blanch the asparagus at the last minute just before you serve
these tempting savory crepes.


Gruyere Cheese Sauce

from volume six of The Gathering of Friends ham-swiss-crepes

This is one of my husbands very favorites! He loves ham, and these little chunks,
lightly grilled in a skillet blends well with the Swiss cheese squares and cream
sauce. Again, most of this prep is done the day or two before your gathering.
Giving your guests a variety of choices is always much more fun and gives
every one something that will become a favorite.

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