Simple is often BEST!


Often when gathering out of doors, a breeze or gentle wind make it impossible to keep
outdoor candles lit.  You might ask yourself, how do I keep the candles safe
from evening winds? Great question.

We simply placed candles in hurricane containers, there are so many to choose from.
We selected these large glass hurricane candle holders for a dramatic effect. But, I
have often just searched around my house and used interesting mason jars, or
even steamed drinking glasses. Anything that will allow the candle to sit lower
than the rim to be protected from the breeze.

The tablescape needed something more and I wanted to send each guest home with a small favor.
The table needed more color and flowers.  I started by purchasing small juice glasses from the dollar store,
then added a printed linen fabric that was thin and easy to work with. I made a pattern out of card stock to
fit the glass perfectly, then cut the fabric and glued it tightly onto each glass.  I wanted to create something
small to hold a single rose that would have a different texture than the clear glass hurricanes. I didn’t want
to introduce another bright color, just a simple accent. The single roses in the small vases
added the perfect finishing touch.


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