Symmetry Works!


This photograph seemed to be perfectly aligned with the candles on the table,
and the large candlesticks in the background! Wow! I love it when that happens!
But, this lovely meal is filled with summertime treasures from the garden. Each
of the recipes in this chapter are really fabulous. This Mediterranean Salad is
filled with all of my favorite things. Every time I make it, or take it to a party,
or serve to my family and friends, everyone just raves about how much they
love it. You are going to LOVE it too!


Mediterranean Salad

1 head hearts of romaine
1 red onion
8 oz. block feta cheese
1 red bell pepper
6 mini cucumbers
ΒΌ c. flat Italian parsley
1 yellow bell pepper
2 6 oz. cans pitted whole black olives
2 c. grape tomatoes

Clean and tear hearts of romaine into bite-size pieces. Place in a serving bowl. Chill. Remove seeds from red
and yellow bell peppers and cut into bite-size chunks and place in a separate bowl. Peel and cut red onion
into similar size pieces and add to bowl. Clean and cut off ends of mini cucumbers. Slice in whole circles
and add to vegetables. Drain black olives.

Cut feta cheese into chunks and add to vegetables. Chop parsley and rinse grape tomatoes. Toss all ingredients
together and add salad dressing. When ready to serve pour marinated vegetables on romaine in serving bowl
and garnish with salt and pepper. Serve.

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