The Measurement &Cooking Conversion


How many times have you looked at a recipe, and you decided to double it. So now you need 4 Tbsp. instead
of 2. Is that a 1/3 of a cup or 1/4 of a cup? Or you are cutting a recipe in half, and you wonder how many
tsp. are in half of a 1/3 of a cup. Or, you are dealing with liquids and you wonder how to cut the recipe
in thirds, or you need to make if for a large crowd and you want to three or four times a recipe. Or, a
meat recipe calls to cook it to 160 degrees. You prefer your meat to be a little on the rare side,
and you wonder how rare, or well done is meat  at 160 degrees.

I use to run to my computer to look it up… I called it ‘My Cooking Conundrum’.
So I put together a cute

Measurement & Cooking Conversion Guide

We’ve included the guide in some of The Gathering of Friends cookbooks…
but go ahead and print this and put it on the inside of your cabinet
door, or better yet, turn to your favorite volume and put this
reference guide to good use!

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 Print and refer to this as a helpful guide for all your cooking needs!


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